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Services We Offer

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

If you're looking to sell your home, look at a Point2Point Pre-Sale Inspection.  By having your home Pre-Sale Inspected, you become aware of any issues or deficiencies that you may want or need to correct.  If easily overlooked by you, once your home was on the market and an offer was accepted, you dont want the Buyer's inspector to find any "surprises," which could have a negative impact on your sale.  All of the standards are used for the inspection, but in this case, we work with you to bring your home "up to par."  Let's face it, every home has some form of defect, we all know that, but wouldn't you rather find out about it before a sale is close to completion?  Pre-Sale Inspected homes generally sell faster — and usually for more money — once you provide the Buyer with an inspection report.  Call or e-mail today to book your Pre-Sale Inspection.

In addition to our Standard & Extended Home Inspections, Point2Point offers a wide variety of other services that are invaluable to property ownership.  These services are detailed as follows:

Commercial Security Audit

Much the same as the Residential Security Audit but with commerce in mind.  Physical security is often overlooked in many retail establishments and office environments.  We focus on small to medium sized businesses — where most security threats are identified.  Commercial Security Audits should be conducted annually and identify high-risk areas of possible intrusion or infiltration.  There is always room for improvement.  Many businesses never evaluate their current security requirements or demands.  The "won't happen to me" mentality.  We take the worry out of having to find solutions for your commercial property and by helping you protect your livlihood.

Residential Security Audit

A Residential Security Audit is a holistic look into the overall physical security of your home.  We evaluate all of the current methods of securing your home — doors, locks, windows, visibility, etc — and then attempt a "break-in" looking at the points that fail and that a burglar would see as an entry point when targeting your home.  The Residential Security Audit and "break-in" are non-invasive walkthroughs that almost immediately point out what needs to be corrected.  You've worked hard to purchase your home, Point2Point will show you superior ways to keep it safe.  We've partnered with ADT Security to provide maximum security solutions.  Click the ADT logo on the bottom of the page to learn more.

Maintenance Schedules

Let us put our inspection experience to work for you and put you on a preventative Maintenance Schedule.  Homeowners often neglect the simplest home maintenance tasks with the busy lives we now lead — we're guilty too.  A Point2Point Maintenance Schedule will set you up with a plan of attack to get those tasks accomplished.  For those who may have difficulty in performing these schedules themselves, we are more than happy to refer quality and affordable services to meet the goals of the Maintenance Schedule.  E-mail us today for more information.

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ADT Security Solutions

Point2Point Inspections Plus is proud to partner up with ADT Security to provide the best in residential and commercial security solutions.  We chose ADT as they have been leaders in the security industry for many years and they offer affordable security solutions to suit any budget.  Call or email us today to learn more about what ADT can offer you.