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Our Inspection Process

Our inspections start from the moment we first arrive at the property we're inspecting.  Everything from time of day, recent and current weather conditions, neighbourhood, curb appeal, services coming into the property, and so on.  A quality, professional home inspection lasts 2 1/2 to 3 hours, so don't settle for anything less.  In reality, anything less isn't really taking as close a look as one should at a prospective property.


The main inspection covers the grounds, siding, roofing, structure, drainage, gutters, windows, and entry points.  Once inside we then look at electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, structure, framing, ventilation, insulation, floors, walls, doors, fixtures, appliances (if included in the sale), and the list goes on.  Our inspections actually look at over 400 items in the property and we go from point2point!

Inspection Report

You'll be amazed at all that is covered in a Point2Point Inspections Plus home inspection report.  Your report is produced electronically on-site and e-mailed to you the same day — no waiting until the next day or two.  You want answers, and you'll get them pretty quick.  We also provide you with a hard copy of the report, which includes high-quality colour photos taken during the inspection.  The report is printed in an easy-to-read, comprehensive manner, breaking down the components and systems of the property and identifying any concerns.  All of our reports adhere to the concise International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), Standards of Practice.  A copy of the Standards of Practice can be found at the bottom of this page.


When the inspection is complete, and your report has been sent to you, you'll have a detailed report to review — so do just that — share it with your realtor or other members of your closing team.  Discuss the findings and keep it readily available for quick reference.  We also suggest that once your deal is coming to a close, and while you are preparing for your final walkthrough, use the report as a reference and see if any of the deficiencies found have been corrected.  Let's keep in mind, that every home has some kind of flaw or imperfection, but often times the findings of the home inspection report can be used to negotiate repairs or a price differential with the seller.

Additional Services


Point2Point Inspections Plus has additional services that we can offer you, ensuring you receive the most complete home inspection available.  These services include:


  •      Mold Test (Basic & Entended)
  •      Lead Paint Test
  •      Water Quality Test
  •      Carbon Monoxide Test (INCLUDED with all home inspections and re-inspections)
  •      Property Re-Inspections (completed after initial inspection has been performed to ensure corrections

                                                 of deficiencies have been made)

Additional services charged at competitive rates and added on to Standard Home Inspection fees.  Contact us for more details.

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